Download stems

You are invited to make your own version of the following Koltbach tracks. The only requirements are: titel your remix like e.g. "Koltbach - silk (Your Remix)" and publish it for none commercial use only. - For commercial usage please contact me!

No official registration for download and remix needed! But because I am such a curious guy, it would be great to let me know, who you are and where you come from ;)

All downloadable stems will be delivered in 24 bit wav stems, so be assure you have a propper internet connection. Enjoy!

Koltbach - superego | 122bpm C-major


Koltbach - sal | 130bpm G-minor


Koltbach - telescope | 123bpm E-minor


Koltbach - cumulus | 120bpm B-minor


Koltbach - magnolia | 130bpm C-minor


Koltbach - silk | 123bpm A-minor