Born 1975 in a small suburban village in the north of Germany, I was lucky to often dig in the dirt and to sometimes fool the farmers cattle. Beside that, I experienced a very conventional and conservative youth, living in a block of flats. But, these days music became a trusted friend of mine.

Based sometime in Kiel and later Hamburg far more than ten years, I finally moved back to my roots. Living with my family in the "outback" again, watching the fox and the deer in the morning, when we're lucky. Musically I try melting my humble impressions of life into personal and slowly growing works. Mainly inspired by the unique and soulful neoclassic-electro-scene around Berlin and Iceland.


Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion


Orange People (2018)

by Koltbach

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Debut EP (2016)

by Koltbach

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