Born 1975 in a small suburban village in the north of Germany, Koltbach was lucky to often dig in the dirt and to sometimes fool the farmers cattle. Beside that he experienced a very conventional and conservative youth, living in a block of flats. Music was thankfully a faithful and true companion.


Based in Hamburg for several years now, he tries melting his humble impressions of life into personal and slowly growing musical works. He calls it "Neoclassic Electro".


Guitar, Bass, Piano, Percussion

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by Koltbach

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by Koltbach

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Download stems

You are invited to make your own version of the following Koltbach tracks. The only requirements are: titel your remix like e.g. "Koltbach - silk (Your Remix)" and publish it for none commercial use only. - For commercial usage please contact me!

No official registration for download and remix needed! But because I am such a curious guy, it would be great to let me know, who you are and where you come from ;)

All downloadable stems will be delivered in 24 bit wav stems, so be assure you have a propper internet connection. Enjoy!

Koltbach - superego | 122bpm C-major


Koltbach - sal | 130bpm G-minor


Koltbach - telescope | 123bpm E-minor


Koltbach - cumulus | 120bpm B-minor


Koltbach - magnolia | 130bpm C-minor


Koltbach - silk | 123bpm A-minor